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As an entrepreneur from a young age I have grown fascinated by the social sciences and entertained by the physical onces. The more I learn it seems these parallel studies cross and mirror one another and for that reason I respect a big picture and appreciate the details. Always ready for an adventure especially if it includes outdoors and culture. Professionally I am a partner in a cloud hosting business Link2TheCloud and the CEO of a web development company SMILE media. I advise a few companies from time but what I am looking for are opportunities to leave a positive mark on society while leveraging strengths in web computing and my ability to think out of the box with practicality.



Founder & CEO

Professionally I explore ideas that I think are close enough to what I know well. It does not need to be sexy, just profitable. I  take my notes from the greats and am always willing to consider something worth the extra effort.


Globe Trotter

As an avid outdoorsman and traveler I enjoy new place and experience new cultures, as well as old ones. If it is happening I have probably  given it a thought. Often times I just need a nudge and my bags will be packed.



An enthusiastic audible book student.Subjects of study include business, health, technology, phycology and life sciences. Love diving deep and finding new meaning to things.  

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 Product Development

Tel: 603-758-4118

64 piscataqua Road

Dover, NH 03820

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